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The pride of driving. The comfort of more time at home. As one of our drivers, you’re at the core of our business – and that’s something we appreciate. So we make sure you get the respect, stability, and reliable equipment you deserve, all while maintaining industry-leading compensation and one of the lowest driver turnover rates in the business. And with convenient scheduling, we keep our promise while keeping you close enough to home to get back to what matters most, as often as possible.

Ryder Benefits

Retirement Savings Plan

With company contribution and match.

Competitive Compensation

Our drivers get the wages they deserve.

Health Insurance

You take care of us; we take care of you.

Work-Life Balance

We understand your most important job is at home.

Meet Jose

Ever since Jose can remember, he wanted to drive. So when the opportunity to become a driver presented itself, he took it. He drove at a few companies for about seven years, until one day, he decided to apply for a part-time position at Ryder.

“When I applied to other companies, it was more impersonal. Over here it was more like they took the time to care about me. [Other drivers] said they had been working there for 11, 15 years. So that showed me if all these people are staying here, it must be a good company.”

At first, he was nervous, but as he settled in, he became more comfortable.

“On my first day, they calmed me down and told me they would put me through good training so that when I was by myself, I’d know exactly what to do…I was trained properly for two weeks...I started seeing small things, like respect from management…Being a truck driver before, I was always being told what to do and yelled at, but here it was so different.”

Since then, he’s worked his way up the ladder, growing from a part-time driver, to a full-time driver, to a dispatcher.

“Next, I’ll probably be a supervisor. The opportunity to grow is there.”

Now, after seven years of working with us, he’s still happy about his decision.

“I realized how good Ryder was and how good of a choice it was…On the street, Ryder is the best company to work for. The benefits, the people, the quality of material, the maintenance of trucks, everything will tell you to work for Ryder.”

To think, the kid who used to play with toy trucks is now a top dispatcher for one of the leaders in transportation. We’re proud to have Jose on our team and excited that even though he has half a million miles under his belt, there are plenty that lie ahead.  

Commitment to Our Drivers

Ryder employs more than 7,000 drivers and we have among the lowest driver turnover rates in our business. We achieve our superior driver retention by keeping our promise to our drivers.

It is our commitment to strive to:

  • Treat you with respect
  • Provide predictable and fair pay
  • Provide clean, safe and reliable equipment
  • Provide work life balance-home most nights
  • Provide you a say in your work assignments

Driver of the Year

Ryder’s Driver of the Year Award, one of the Company’s longest running and most prestigious recognition programs, honors drivers in its Fleet Management Solutions, Dedicated Transportation Solutions, and  Supply Chain Solutions business segments, who have demonstrated exemplary safety performance, customer service, and citizenship throughout their careers. Honorees are selected after a rigorous review process by a committee that includes Ryder customers, executives, safety experts, and professional drivers. The three drivers selected each year are honored at an awards ceremony, where Ryder Chairman and CEO Robert Sanchez, joined by key Ryder executives and the drivers’ local managers, personally congratulate the honorees. Recipients are inducted into the Ryder “Driver Hall of Fame” and are presented with a cash prize and a specially designed ring and watch.

The top awards in 2016 were presented to drivers Mike Mitchell for Supply Chain Solutions, Tom Brunke for Dedicated Transportation Solutions, and Sam Stevens for Fleet Management Solutions.

Becoming Driver of the Year