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No one knows more about network design than our engineers. Whether they’re distribution managers or automotive engineers, they find creative ways to redesign some of the most complex operations in the industry. They’re the reason we’ve remained a leader in logistics, so we make sure they’re rewarded with a diversity of work, competitive compensation, and the tools they need to grow.

Supply Chain Engineers (Distribution Management)

As a member of our distribution management group, you’ll put your innovative problem solving skills to the test. DM Engineers partner with our customers to focus on designing new facilities, modifying existing layouts, implementing continuous improvement projects, establishing labor standards, and developing warehouse metrics. Some experience with Excel, Access, AutoCAD, Visio, Tableau, SQL, VBA, a variety of WMS applications, MTM or Standard Time Data studies, and the ability to implement onsite solutions across the country would be helpful. We’re looking for people with a strong background as an Industrial Engineer for these positions.

Supply Chain Engineers (Transportation Management)

Our transportation engineers specialize in optimizing transportation networks for moving inbound product to production to shipping finished product to market. Through network design, modeling, and data analysis, they find innovative and effective ways to cut costs for some of the top brands in the nation. We’re looking for candidates with a passion for data analysis and continuous improvement. You’ll get a chance to work with cutting edge supply chain software and tools. The successful candidates for these positions will typically have a background in Industrial Engineering but with great experience a background in Business, Logistics, or Supply Chain Management could be beneficial.

Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial

Our AAI engineers are experts at turning complex data into simple, effective solutions for planned transportation networks. Partnering with business leaders in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial spaces, our engineers find the most efficient processes implement a planned network for our customers that create cost savings throughout their logistics networks. We’re looking for candidates with a strong understanding of analytics and process improvement tools, intermediate level Microsoft Excel experience, and a client-focused mindset are some of the important tools in your workbox. This group will normally have an educational background in Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, or Business.