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Forklift in warehouse

Whirlpool Case Study

Since 2001, Whirlpool has partnered with Ryder to operate two warehouse facilities in Plainfield, Indiana using Lean methods to eliminate waste and increase employee productivity. With more than 1.2M square feet of warehouse space managed and 650 employees, we package and distribute 19M time-sensitive service parts each year.

Whirlpool Operations Case Study

Whirlpool Case Study

History shows that outsourcing to third-party logistics providers can be a relatively painless task for most corporations. The real dilemma arises when the outsourced function falls outside the corporation’s core competencies but is otherwise critical to the success of the corporation and its market differentiation strategy.


Whirlpool sought a qualified service partner to assume control of a costly and inefficient service parts operation.


  • Consolidating operations into one new distribution center
  • Outsourcing the function produced cost efficiencies and higher levels of customer service
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