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Apple Valley Creamery Case Study

A small business with the support of a large company, Apple Valley Creamery is able to leverage its partnership with Ryder ensure its fresh dairy products are delivered on-time at peak freshness.

Apple Valley Case Study

Apple Valley Creamery Case Study

In a period when the “farm-to-table” movement has exploded across the nation, consumers are looking for local farms to provide what they consume at peak freshness. In turn, consumers have become more loyal when they find a source that is reliable and focused on providing healthy and safe products. For the farmers, it’s a sense of pride to be able to provide their customers with the same products they feed their family. 


Deliver food and beverage products at peak freshness and in tight time windows, while maintaining a reliable fleet without incurring crippling and unpredictable costs. 


Give Apple Valley the power of a large company with a Full Service Lease solution that combines the ability to customize refrigerated trucks through Ryder’s procurement power, while also providing built in maintenance services maximizing reliability and ensuring predictable cost.

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