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The influx of patients driving higher demand for supplies, at a time when the industry is experiencing declining reimbursements, creates an environment that is ripe for supply chain transformation. Ryder is an expert in helping businesses rethink their supply chain strategies and can bring its in-depth expertise and proven experience to yours. By introducing LEAN processes that have already transformed supply chains from automotive to retail, Ryder can improve the health of your logistics function and get it operating at peak performance.

Flexible Networks to meet increased patient demand

Simplicity Optimize your network, improve patient outcomes, and increase sustainability with our integrated solutions

Personalized Suite of drivers, vehicles, routing, and administration

Real-World Example: Apria Healthcare

With varying shipment sizes and inefficient routes, Apria Healthcare's logistics operation needed a check up. We provided the specialized equipment, route engineering, and optimized shipment planning necessary to help them save over $1 million, while shipping to more than 350 branch locations.

We Offered:
  • A re-engineered, fully optimized network
  • A dedicated fleet of 23 tractors, 34 trailers, and 29 drivers
The Results:
  • Maximized productivity and profits by allowing Apria’s operation to constantly adjust to changes in demand
  • Helped Apria save over $1 million per year
  • Enabled over 75% of shipments to move at truckload rates
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