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Dedicated Transportation

Testing Dedicated Transportation combines the best of Ryder’s leasing and maintenance capabilities with the safest and most professional drivers in the industry, tied together through innovative IT engineering for complete network optimization. With a dedicated transportation solution, you can keep your business moving forward without having to invest time in managing your own fleet.


7,400 Trained drivers available

0.3 collision per million miles traveled

99% On-time delivery rate

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With changing consumer demands, and a growing driver shortage, getting freight to its destination on time is more challenging and costly than ever. Add in stringent federal and safety regulations and you are spending more time worried about your transportation network than your business. With a dedicated transportation solution, you can ease those worries and focus on your core business while streamlining your transportation network.

Grow your business with:

  • Driver recruiting, training, and retention programs
  • An optimized fleet of tractors, trailers, fuel-efficient specs, refrigerated vehicles, and/or flatbeds
  • IT and engineering solutions
  • Our procurement ability that gives you the flexibility you need to meet your capacity needs
  • One of the best safety records in the industry, with just 0.27 accidents per million miles traveled
  • A risk-free operation
  • Predictable costs, so you save on fuel and labor
  • Flexibility to change your fleet as your needs evolve
  • Improvements on-time delivery performance with a reliable fleet and drivers
  • Improvements to service, optimized inventory and improved operating margins
  • Up-to-date data to track mileage, performance and fuel efficiency
  • Less breakdowns and mechanical issues that keep your fleet in park
  • Fleet maintenance that keeps your deliveries on time every time
  • More time to concentrate on your business
  • All the benefits of a private fleet without having to manage one

Real-World Example: Royal Building Products

With our Dedicated Transportation solution, Royal Building Products not only got the trucks and drivers they needed, but also optimized their entire operation, saving the construction company over $700,000 a year.

We Offered:
  • Over 7,000 drivers, trained to provide best-in-class service
  • Driver recruitment, training, and management services
  • Curtain-side trailers and flatbeds
  • Value-added fuel services and backhaul opportunities
The Results:
  • Safe, on-time deliveries
  • Savings of $500,000 from backhauls and $150,000 from multi-location synergies
  • Lower fuel costs resulting from less idle time and fewer empty miles
  • Savings of $50,000 annually through Ryder fuel program
  • Significant cost reductions by using one-way carriers to supplement the dedicated service
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