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Solutions pour les petites entreprises

Pour une petite entreprise, le fait de pouvoir compter sur la force d'une grande société de transport et de logistique derrière soi peut faire la différence entre effectuer les livraisons en temps voulu ou perdre des clients. Des véhicules personnalisés aux coûts d'entretien prévisibles, l'externalisation de votre flotte peut être votre arme secrète.

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As a small business owner you wear many hats – but there is a way to get rid of some. When you partner with Ryder you not only keep control and visibility, but you get the support of a Fortune 500 company for your small business. With our transportation solutions, logistics experts, range of expertise, and resources, we’re able to help you grow your company by cutting costs, and freeing up more of your time. The time it takes to focus on running your business exactly the way you want to.

Real-World Example: Apple Valley Creamery

When Apple Valley needed help with a reliable fleet to meet the demands of their customers, we not only gave them the full service lease solution they needed, but we also helped them reduce downtime, cut costs, and grow their business by 25%.

We Offered:
  • Cold-plate trucks that kept products at a consistent 33 degrees
  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Predictable transportation costs
  • The support of a large company for their small business
The Results:
  • Grew business by 25% year-over-year
  • Lowered transportation costs 75%
  • Reduced downtime by 66%
  • Saved over $10,000 from preventative maintenance
  • Enjoyed zero product loss since collaborating with us
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